The sound experts at beyerdynamic are fulfilling the desire of many audio fans for music performance that is as accurate as possible. The A 2 was developed from the ground up to deliver an uncompromisingly level of performance with the goal to achieve the highest sound quality reproduction possible. In addition, the ability to use two dynamic at the same time while maintaining full performance, has also be achieved.

The A 2 impresses not only with its unbelievably natural and powerful airy sound but also with its clear and partially transparent housing design, which allows a glimpse into the fine inner workings of the amplifier. For this reason it has just been awarded the renowned “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014”.
Beside its powerful and lively response the A 2 fascinates with a precise control that can be enjoyed via all headphones that are connected, regardless of their impedance. With equally brilliant resolution, the A 2 is capable of effortlessly handling delicate highs as well as absolutely authentic mid-range and voice reproduction as well as a deep, natural bass.

As a particular highlight, the A 2 provides separate adjustments for the impedance and sensitivity of the connected headphones (from 16 – 600 Ohm). A new wireless remote control accessory provides full volume adjustment.

Each A 2 comes with a new extraordinary headphone stand made of aluminum, which can be attached to the underside of the base and keeps the headphones always ready.