Communications and security experts have linked the persisting wireless signal interference in Nigeria, which causes many problems for the use of wireless microphones to absence of expertise or weak regulatory mechanism from the relevant agencies. This has been the conclusion of the recent ‘Energy of Sound Conference 2016’ in Abuja, where media representatives and business people discussed the future of the Nigerian market in wireless technology.

According to the Managing Director of Acti-Tech Ltd, Peter Madu, Nigeria does not enforce with a uniform frequency leading to the interference and disruption of wireless signals in the country. The event industry with the use of wireless microphones, has a massive problem and must now pay for these shortcomings, so Madu. He explained that the aim is to ensure a long-term technology transfer and introduction of quality products in sound system and other communication products that can stand the taste of time. Nigeria is a huge market of 170 million people and needs the right infrastructural development, for example constant power supply.

Robert Winterhoff, Managing Director, Global Sales and Marketing of beyerdynamic said “Nigeria is a thriving country” although the low quality of microphone, audio systems and communications technology has caused a lot of embarrassment to the event industry. He had traveled to Nigeria in order to better understand the needs of the market, but also to commit themselves to improvement and to signal the willingness to invest.

The meeting also provided the opportunity to get in touch with the most current products in Public Address Systems, Sound Engineering, Conferencing, and Multimedia Presentation Systems.