The DONOTS are a German alternative rock band with their own record label. After the 20th anniversary of the band in 2014 they released their first German-language album "Karacho", which went straight to number 5 in the German album charts. Since the beginning of May 2016, the band have been locked away in their in-house recording studio in Münster and are working intensively on demos for their 11th album. As an endorser for many years the DONOTS are intimately familiar with beyerdynamic headphones and microphones. It is a matter of honour that the current recordings are set to music with beyerdynamic. For the demos currently 2x MC 840, 4x M 201 TG, TG 4x D35d, 4x TG V50ds are used. Nobody knows about the outcome of the musical journey. Certain is that we are already looking forward to the result of this studio session!