This year the Donots are celebrating their 20th anniversary on stage and as usual they let it rock. The Donots also performed at this year’s Southside Festival. On the third day of the festival the alternative rock band ensured a great atmosphere. The band made the crowd rock in the midday sun.  

Twenty years ago the band distributed 30 demo tapes overall. A short time later the band was on stage with famous stars of this genre such as “Blink-182” or “No use for a Name”. Their breakthrough came, when a label from Sony BMG knocked on the door and the Donots were on TV for the first time. Meanwhile the Donots are a part of the alternative rock scene.

As an endorser with beyerdynamic optimum microphones are ensured. At the Southside festival wired microphones were used for vocals and instruments in addition to the digital TG 1000 wireless system.



Kick – TG D70d
Snare – TG D50d
Toms  –  TGD58c
Overheads – MC 840
Hihat – MC 950
Guitar Amps  –  M 160 , M 88 TG
Bass – M 88 TG
Backing Vocals – TG V 50d
Lead Vocal – TG V 50d and TG 1000 with TG V50w capsule
Guitars and Bass –  TG 1000