This year a long-term endorser from beyerdynamic are celebrating their 20th anniversary: “Die jungen Zillertaler”. The trio from Strass in the Zillertal are known for their folk music with rock or pop elements. Their stories are mostly humorous or ironic. This is also obvious with the new battle cry of the trio accompanying their new record: “Vergesst Gangnam Style! (Forget Gangnam style!) Bauerntanz ist angesagt! (Barn dance is hip!)“    

The band’s latest music video of their song “Ohne dich” (without you) is also a special anniversary gift. This song is a special version of “Ohne dich schlaf ich heut Nacht nicht ein” (I will not fall asleep without you tonight) by the Münchener Freiheit. “Die jungen Zillertaler” were selected to perform a popular version of this ballad. “It is incredible, what the Münchner Freiheit achieved at that time, because everyone knows this song” Markus (1. vocals, trumpet and electric bass guitar) pays respect to the Bavarian colleagues.

Such a special gift, of course, requires a decent celebration and so this year the 15th JUZI Open Air festival will take place. Over three days there will be a welcoming evening, a special day for fans and as a highlight the anniversary Open Air concert. The festival will start on 18th August 2014.   

An optimal microphone selection will ensure excellent sound at the Open Air concert. As endorsers the JUZIs already have the appropriate equipment and their favourite microphones from beyerdynamic’s wireless microphone range: the TG V96w interchangeable capsule. The real condenser microphone impresses with its incomparable naturalness. The TG V96w interchangeable capsules are used with TG 1000 handheld transmitters. The digital TG 1000 wireless system, however, is not only used for vocals, but also in conjunction with TG 1000 beltpack transmitters for various instruments, from accordions to trumpets.

Equipment at concerts of the “Jungen Zillertaler”:

In total 8 TG 1000 channels
Vocals – 3x TG 1000 handheld transmitters
Vocals – 3x TG V96w interchangeable capsules
Instruments – 
5x TG 1000 beltpack transmitters