The Fortuna Duesseldorf football club has hired a bus to take a group of visually impaired people with an accompanying person to the ski jump world cup in Willingen.

The German audio manufacturer beyerdynamic supported this activity which was organised and accompanied by Stefan Felix the representative for people with disabilities at the Fortuna football club specialised for blind and visually impaired people.

The reporters were sitting in the stands near the ski jump and made the invisible event visible for the visually impaired people. Similar to the radio, they received information in commentaries about the things they could not see. For them this results in an overall picture and in this way they can attend the live atmosphere of the event.

In order to transmit the commentaries for the blind to the people in question, the wireless Synexis system from beyerdynamic was used, which is also used for commentaries for the blind at the stadium of Fortuna Duesseldorf.

Report on the commentaries for blind people at the football stadium of Fortuna Duesseldorf


Synexis system – ideal for the transmission of commentaries for blind people

The technical effort required for the coverage is minimal, but its impact is all the more impressive. The wireless Synexis system from beyerdynamic ensures optimal transmission for the blind. It is easy to handle, which is particularly important for the blind. The channel buttons on the receiver are lockable, preventing the accidental changing of channels. The only operating element is a prominent volume control, which also works as an on-off button. Noise compensating microphones prevent ambient noise from being transmitted, resulting in an optimal sound quality and speech intelligibility. Thanks to the open earphones, fans can follow the coverage whilst still being able to notice everything that’s going on around them.

As the system is very versatile, it can also be used as a hearing assistance at events to contribute to the accessibility of people with an impaired hearing. Depending on the degree of the impaired hearing, headphones or induction loops for hearing aids can be used.

It is so easy to implement inclusion.