Since 2010, the T 5 p is the top-end model among the beyerdynamic headphones that is optimised for use on portable audio devices. Right now - after the T 1 - the T 5 p is also available in the second generation for an even more perfect musical experience especially at inefficient smartphones, tablets and high-resolution players.

Additional attenuation in the exclusive Tesla sound transducers again improved the incredibly detailed sound of the T 5 p. The geometry of the baffle design has also been optimised and the baffle material has been replaced with a more stable, high-tech compound material. The vibrations are reduced to a minimum, resulting in even clearer reproduction with silky treble and ultra-precise bass. The result: the T 5 p is complemented with a warmth and musicality to inspire any audiophile listener.

Naturally, whoever wants to can also still connect the T 5 p to their hi-fi system or a high-quality headphone amplifier.The textile-covered cable made from ultra-pure OCC 7N copper is the gold standard of audio connections. It is detachable in the second generation and can be replaced with a longer version if required – for more freedom of movement when using the system.