Since 1990, GREGORIAN have been impressing over two and a half million fans at their concerts with their unique combination of Gregorian vocals and modern rock/pop music, and have sold around seven million records worldwide. GREGORIAN’s stage shows are an audio-visual spectacle and provide stunning live entertainment with pyrotechnic effects, projections, laser shows and choreography. The tenth “Masters of Chant” album, entitled “The Final Chapter”, will be available in autumn this year. With this album, GREGORIAN will be saying goodbye for an indefinite period of time. For their grand finale, the eight classically-trained singers from England will be going on their “Final Chapter Tour” from March until May 2016.

The following beyerdynamic equipment is being used on “Masters of Chant: The Final Chapter Tour”:

•    toms – TG D35d
•    hi-hat – MC 950
•    bass drum – TG D70d, TG D71c
•    overheads – MC 840

Vocals: TG V71d

Percussion: TG D35d, MC 930

Calibration of the PA system: TG 1000 digital wireless system with TG MM1w interchangeable capsule

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Image provided by: Nemo / Christian Barz