“La Sonora Ponceña” is a Puerto Rican salsa band, which was already founded in 1954. 60 years later the band is still active. Today, the band is managed by the son of Enrique Lucca, the former founder. The band is known beyond Puerto Rico and not only due to its long-term existence, it is one of the most popular salsa groups of the country. One of their greatest hits is the song “Fuego En El 23”, which is still covered by numerous salsa bands.

On the occasion of this year’s anniversary, “La Sonora Ponceña” gave a special concert in their country of origin. The event took place in the Colosseum “Jose Miguel Agrelot”, which is in San Juan, the capital of the island. The venue, which is called “Choliseo” by locals, is the biggest indoor arena of the country.

During the performance the sound was managed by Gerardo “Papo” Rios, the sound engineer, who won the Latin Grammy Awards in the category “Engineer” for several years.

In order to give the band enough freedom of movement with fast salsa beats, the beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless system was used. TG V70w microphone capsules ensured a powerful sound. In conjunction with the TG 1000 handheld transmitters, you have a microphone with an extremely high gain before feedback, which is perfectly suitable with a round sound for live vocals. As a total there were 6 TG 1000 channels for vocals and other TG I50d microphones for trumpets and TG D50d and MC 930 microphones for the drums.



Equipment for “La Sonora Ponceña”

In total 6 channels of TG 1000
Vocals – TG 1000 handheld transmitter with TG V70w
Instruments – TG I50d
Overheads  –  MC 930