NE 900 D Cobra

CobraNet Interface with UHF true diversity receiver, 2-ch., 19" metal housing, 1 U, PLL-synthesised, color-LC-Display, ACT/SCAN-function, PC controllable, 16 compatible frequencies, incl. rack mount brackets

Order No. 488240: 774-798 MHz
Order No. 488232: 668-692 MHz

The NE 900 D Cobra 2-channel receiver of the Opus 900 wireless system provides an integrated CobraNet interface, which allows connecting the receiver to all CobraNet capable devices of more than 40 manufacturers. The transmission is via CAT.5 cables via standard Ethernet for a flexible positioning of the receiver in the room. Furthermore, analogue inputs are saved and therefore, costs for the subsequent audio matrix systems.

The CobraNet technology allows transmitting up to 32 channels into each direction with a single 100-Mbit network cable. As signals can be sent from any node, maximum flexibility is achieved. Settings can quickly be changed via software without changing the cabling. The digital transmission via CobraNet is less interference-prone as the analogue transmission, ensuring a high sound quality even with long distances.

The NE 900 D Cobra operates in the frequency bands 668 to 692 MHz and 774 to 798 MHz. The TV channels provide 100 preprogrammed frequencies. A maximum of 16 frequencies can be operated simultaneously without any interference.
By using the SCAN function an automatic channel search is started and with the ACT function (Automatic Channel Targeting) the discovered frequency is transmitted to the transmitter via infra red. The frequency can also be selected manually.

The menu control is used to access and set the individual parameters. The colour display shows all parameters such as RF and AF level, diversity channel, battery status of the transmitter as well as all menu settings such as frequency, group, channel, squelch, output level, user name and address. A sophisticated adjustable squelch system prevents unwanted noise effectively. The pilot tone-controlled AF mute suppresses interferences and mutes the receiver when the appropriate transmitter is switched off.

Technical Data

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EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_NE900DCobra_EN_EU.pdf (693.39 KB)

Spec Sheet

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Opus900_BA_DEFSP_A13.pdf (1.54 MB)

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