MCW-D 200

MCW-Digital central control unit
(MCW-Digital 200 Wireless Conference System)
Digital control unit for an virtual unlimited number of wireless microphone units with or without loudspeaker and for multi-channel transmission. Integrated diversity combiner for max. 8 smart link receiving modules. As a standard max. 4 microphone units can be switched on (e.g. 3 delegates and 1 chairman) and 5 audio channels can be transmitted to the microphone units. With additional printed circuit boards up to 7 microphone units can be switched on and 8 audio channels can be transmitted to the microphone units.
There is a constant status inquiry, monitoring or control due to the bi-directional data connection to the microphone units. Individual microphone units can be activated via the RS 232 serial interface. The complete discussion system can be switched off via a control command or by pressing the “Stand-by” button on the front. The 8 LEDs on the front indicate the assigned transmission channels of the microphones. To increase the security of the system, the control unit can operate in the “security mode” i.e. the control unit only operates with microphone units which have the same PIN code. As an option the control unit can be complemented with the “Individual In/Out” and “Digital In/Out” board. With the “Individual In/Out” board it is possible to transmit and receive the signals of the individual activated microphone units or to transmit up to 8 audio signals to the microphone units. With the “Digital In/Out” board the audio signals can be transmitted as AES/EBU or S-PDIF standard.

• Central control unit to control up to 65000 digital wireless microphone units
• Specific DSSS modulation (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) ensures a high noise immunity when used with other wireless systems in the 2.4 GHz frequency band
• Wireless transmission in the world-wide approved frequency range of 2.4 GHz
• Digitally encoded audio signals prevent unauthorised listening
• Up to 15 channels for audio transmission (full duplex)
• Four default slots for four microphone units (e.g. 3 delegates and 1 chairman)
• Integrated antenna splitter/combiner for diversity reception
• Digital limiter function per input channel (can be configured)
• Manual or Request-to-Talk mode
• RS 232 interface for external operation with PC or media control
• IPX network connection for external operation via PC or media control system, especially when a media control system is connected to the RS 232 interface
• MCW-D 200 Editor software for Windows® to configure the control unit and microphone units
• Available as an option: MCW-D 200 Controller software for Windows® to control the discussion system
• Available as an option: MCW-D 200 Voting software for Windows® for votings during or after the discussion
• Remote RF-receiving and transmitting antennae for large distances
• Quick setup for discussions without additional sound contracting devices
• Due to RF operation no extensive installations for transmitter or receiver components necessary (compared to infrared technology)
• Additional audio input for e.g. wireless microphones
• Recording output for documentation
• Master output for external sound contracting systems
• All connections are plug-in type
• 19" desktop housing, 2 HU
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