MCS 223

Chairman Microphone Unit

The wired conference system MCS 20 is discontinued and will be replaced by the wired conference system Orbis. For more information about Orbis please go to:

The chairman of a meeting can control the MCS 20 conference system with the MCS 223 chairman microphone unit. Compared to the MCS 221 delegate microphone unit the chairman unit provides numerous, programmable control functions. The chairman can select the operating mode, the activation mode, the volume and the timer (speech time). For each operating mode, the chairman can select a separate NOM limit. Furthermore, the priority and clear buttons provide special rights. The chairman can select the following operating modes:

– Requ = Request to speak:
Delegates request to speak – chairman releases
– Free = Activate freely:
Delegates directly turn their microphone on/off
– Voice = Voice-controlled activation
– FiFo (Requ + Free button) = First-in first-out operation:
The activated microphone is turned off, when another microphone is turned on.

The audio is transmitted clearly and precisely in an optimal quality via the microphone and a loudspeaker integrated in the microphone unit.
The microphone is turned on voice-controlled or via the microphone button. The microphone unit is connected in a daisy chain. A headphone can be connected to the jack socket on the rear.

• Fixed gooseneck microphone with LED ring
• Microphone button with LED
• Priority button for temporary interruption, e.g. for announcements
• Clear button to cancel all microphones turned on
• Buttons to set the maxium number of open delegate microphones = NOM limit (Number of Open Microphones)
• Buttons to set the volume
• “Voice”, “Free” and “Requ” buttons to select the operating mode and activating/deactivating the programming mode
• Display to indicate limit and timer (speech time limit)
• Adjustable speech time limit with acoustic warning signal
• Integrated loudspeaker, voice-equalised
• Headphone socket, mini jack (3.5 mm)
• Integrated limiter to compensate variations in speaking distance
• Button or voice controlled activation of the microphone
• Single-cable connection via Renk connectors in any sequence
• Ergonomic design
• Housing with non-slip rubber pads

Technical Data

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Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet

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