CA 4146

Power supply for up to 45 microphone units

The CA 4146 power supply unit is used when more than 30 devices are to be used with the MCS-D 200 control unit. The CA 4146 power supply unit can be used as a desktop device or mounted into a 19" rack. One CA 4146 power supply unit can power up to 45 devices (e.g. microphone units, adaptors). Please note this is only a theoretical value. The actual number of devices (e.g. microphone units, adaptors) also depends on the cable length.
The CA 4146 power supply unit is also redundant as device: If one power supply unit fails to operate, the other power supply units provide the required power even when the failed power supply unit is hot-wired. The power supply unit provides 4 push-pull sockets: two Data Ports and two Extension Ports. The Data Ports are passive connectors, i.e. the connected devices are not powered via the integrated power supply of the CA 4146. The Data Ports transfer audio and control signals. They are used to connect to the control unit and other power supply units. The Extension Ports are active connectors, i.e. the connected devices (e.g. microphone units or adapters)


• Power on LED
• Connectors on the rear
• Push-pull connectors
• Power distribution via power cable and connectors or NetRateBus connector (push-pull)
• 2 Bus-Power out connectors for microphone units
• 2 Extension Ports to connect microphone units
• 2 Data Ports to connect the MCS-D 200 control unit, CA 4146, power supply unit or CA 4522/44/56 Digital/Analog-Interface


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


CA4146_BA_DEF_A4.pdf (1.79 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_CA4146_EN_EU.pdf (381.43 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_CA4146_EN_FCC.pdf (89.17 KB)

Spec Sheet

CA4146_DB_E.pdf (432.11 KB)

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