Classis BM 34 B

Boundary microphone (half-cardioid) with 3-pin XLR connector and bass roll-off filter, black

The Classis BM 32 / 33 / 34 condenser boundary microphones have been designed for flush mounting into tabletops or ceilings. The microphones have been designed for applications such as tele/videoconferencing, recording or amplification of round table discussions and wherever the microphone needs to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The Classis BM 34 has a half-cardioid polar pattern, which increases the gain-before-feedback and decreases the amount of diffuse ambience. The Classis BM 34 is provided with a bass roll-off filter.

The high sensitivity guarantees a constant output level even from long distance sources. Elastic bearing rings achieve mechanical isolation from the mounting surface and therefore offer effective sound isolation of the microphone.

• Half-cardioid polar pattern
• Flat, wide range frequency response
• High-quality reproduction of speech
• Unobtrusive design
• Ceiling or tabletop mounting
• Fast and easy installation


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

Planning Aids

Classis-BM-32-34_PZ-A1.pdf (76.65 KB)

Planning Aids

Classis-BM-32-34_PZ-A1.dxf (338.94 KB)

Planning Aids

Classis-BM-32-34_PZ-A1.dwg (362.13 KB)


MOV_BM-to-BMR-installation_13-11_EN_720p.mp4 (87.50 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Classis-BM32-BM33-BM34_EN_A8.pdf (1.19 MB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_BM3xx_EN_EU.pdf (383.57 KB)


MAN_Classis-BM32-BM33-BM34_DE-EN-FR_A4.pdf (234.68 KB)

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