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Opus 150 Mk II Set

Opus 150 Mk II Set

Article Number: 476781

Moderator set, comprises receiver, pocket transmitter and lavaliere microphone

Unobtrusive and functional. The Opus 150 Mk II set suits theatre and
musical applications and moderations. The supplied MCE 55 is an
extremely small condenser microphone with an omnidirectional polar
pattern which reduces popping and handling noise. The wide frequency
response guarantees intelligibility of speech and a very high fidelity of
reproduction. The microphone capsule is water resistant, also against
sweat. Due to its small size, the MCE 55 can be hidden in the hair or
in the make-up, via its clip it can be attached to clothing.


comprises NE 100 S true diversity receiver

+ TS 100 Mk II pocket transmitter

+ MCE 55.18 lavaliere microphone (condenser, omnidirectional), black

+ MKV 55 microphone clamp

+ WS 55 windscreen

+ Battery (9 V)

Available frequencies

174,100 MHz, Order ID: 476.730

175,000 MHz, Order ID: 476.749

184,000 MHZ, Order ID: 476.757

198,250 MHz, Order ID: 477.710

199,700 MHz, Order ID: 475.765

202,400 MHz, Order ID: 476.773

213,400 MHz, Order ID: 476.781

231,600 MHz, Order ID: 476.919

239,200 MHz, Order ID: 476.927

Depending on country regulations.

(Please refer to the manual also.)


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technical data

Net weight without packaging   1147 g


User Manual

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