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DT 700 Headset Series

DT 700 Headset Series

Made in Germany
Available at authorized resellers
Article Number: DT 700 Headset Series

Headset for extreme loud environments with condenser or dynamic microphone for broadcast applications (optionally with limiter).
DT 790.00
DT 790.28
DT 797 PV 

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Transducer type for micrphone
Condenser - Cardioid = for commentators in loud environments
Dynamic - Hypercardioid = for intercom applications 

Cable & plug
3-pin XLR plug & 6.35 mm (1/4") stereo jack plug = DT 797 PV - for application with a mixing console where a phantom power for the condenser microphone is available
4-pin XLR socket = DT 790.28 - for intercom applications
Open ends (no plug) = DT 790.00 - for all application where a different plug is required (must be applied additionally)

Headphone impedance
80 Ohms = for mobile applications like for instance intercom systems
250 Ohms = for fixed installation like for instance studio applications

no limiter = no built-in limiter
with limiter = built-in limiter with fixed limiter level

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technical data

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Condenser - Cardioid
Dynamic - Hypercardioid
3-pin XLR plug & 6.35 mm (1/4") stereo jack plug
4-pin XLR socket
Open ends (no plug)
80 ohms
250 ohms
No limiter
Limiter at 99 dB

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