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Votum KV

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Keypad with 3 keys for installation, vertical design, for Votum - Networked Voting System

The Votum KV voting device is a keypad with 3 keys for installations, which has been developed for parliamentary votings. It can be used for stand alone operation and due to its vertical design, it can be integrated into armrests. Votum KV is powered via standard PoE network switches to which it is connected by using standard Cat5 patch cables. The supplied software is used for configuration and carrying out of votings. The voting device is provided with three keys (Yes, No, Abstain). When a voting has been started via the software, all LEDs above the keys will illuminate. As soon as the participant has voted, in non-secret votings the LED above the respective key will illuminate; in secret votings all LEDs above the keys will illuminate. The voting results can be displayed on external screens or video projectors and filed in a database.

  • Keypad with 3 keys for installation
  • For parliamentary votings
  • For stand alone operation
  • RJ45 socket to connect to PoE switch
  • PoE support

technical data

Net weight without packaging   170 g

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Spec Sheet

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