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Conference & Recording software

In the past essential points for the minutes used to be written down with a pen on a piece of paper during the meeting and recorded on tape in the background. Today steno-s provides the all-in-one solution. With steno-s you have access to text passages of the meeting and can enter comments even after the meeting. With Harddisc-Recording, steno-s saves word by word on your computer. Decisions, remarks or questions are marked during recording. Thus, you can easily find these passages in the recording when you write down the minutes. No more paper filing: Just burn your recording on CD or store the data on your network. With steno-s the future of your meetings and discussions has already begun.


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Steno-s References

  • Town Hall Heilbronn, Germany
  • District Administration Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • National Library Belarus
  • Reference List


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