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Headzone PRO - The first portable control room

Headzone PRO & Headzone PRO XT


Professional 5.1 monitoring through a mobile headphone system.

beyerdynamic introduces Headzone® PRO, the first mobile headphone system that allows professional monitoring with virtual 5.1 reproduction. Thanks to „Binaural Environment Modelling“ technology and patented ultrasonic-headtracking, Headzone® creates a sound sensation that’s as real as reality itself. And all this is available in two versions: in ”Headzone PRO“, the compact mobile headphone system, or in „Headzone PRO XT“, as a 19“ modular component with extended functions.



Room Modelling with the control panel
Room Modelling with the control panel

Room Modelling – simulating your own personal reference control room.

With Headzone’s® advanced environment simulation software it’s easy to model the sound of a loudspeaker system (up to 5.1) and to recall it at any time. The parameters that affect sound in a real room can all be adjusted virtually: the position of the loudspeakers in the room, their distance from the listener, the size and also the acoustic qualities of the room. So it’s you who decides the audio environment in which to work at any time.




Headzone PRO XT HT with both headtracking headphones
Headzone PRO XT HT with both headtracking headphones

Headtracking for perfect localisation and constant spatial awareness.

Headzone® makes sound an experience. Through the use of the ultrasonic-headtracker system, Headzone® permanently detects the position of your head and adapts the source audio playback position accordingly. Unlike traditional headphones, turning your head does not affect the localisation of Headzone’s® sound. As in a real environment, when using Headzone® the virtual speaker or sound source is located in front of, next to or behind you depending on how you turn your head, therefore simulating the “sweet spot” in your control room. The result is so effective that you completely forget that you are wearing headphones.


True virtual reality, no matter where you are.

  • Headzone® for Surround-Studio-Monitoring: Regardless of whether it is used as a secondary listening device in professional surround studios, as a solution for 5.1 surround monitoring or whilst out and about: With Headzone®, you can take your reference control room with you.
  • Headzone® for Broadcast-Monitoring: Even in the most compact of broadcast vehicles, Headzone® is the ideal solution for surround monitoring. The system requires minimal space and can be installed quickly. But that’s not all: Headzone® is so discreet that the surround material can even be listened to whilst on location during live recording.
  • Headzone® for Game-Sounddesigner: Do you engineer real sounds to create your own? With 5.1 surround becoming an integral part of software gaming, Headzone® is a perfect tool for programmers and sound designers alike, even when you are on the move.