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beyerdynamic system sold on the river Thames

beyerdynamic (GB) Ltd have recently supplied a TTS 300 multi-channel Tourguide system for the British Airways London Eye official cruise boat on the River Thames, installed by Antenna Audio.

Departing from its own pier, adjacent to the London Eye, the round trip runs for 40 minutes and takes in some of the most famous buildings in the capital, including St Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern and the Millenium Bridge.

The installed beyerdynamic TTS system includes 90 beltpack receivers and delivers live commentary and simultaneous translation as well as pre-recorded translations in 8 different languages - French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Mandarin. It can handle up to 12 channels if required via innovative CT 316 transmitters and individual FE 316 beltpack receivers. The LG 30 recharging system is managed by a microprocessor, integrated 'dU' switch-off system and timer. This protects the FE 316 batteries against overcharging, while a dual colour LED display indicates charging-in-process and charging complete.

“We were very pleased to work with Antenna Audio in developing a versatile system to meet all the demands required for the river boat” said Matt Nettlefold, Conference and Presentation Manager for beyerdynamic (GB) Ltd. “The whole system is conveniently stowed away in 2 lightweight flight cases, with automatic recharging between trips. There is also provision for a T-loop signal for the hard of hearing”

The beyerdynamic TTS system also offers a choice of handheld or beltpack transmitter types. The beltpack transmitters can be charged internally (via the LG 30/P charging unit) or powered by an off-the-shelf 9v alkaline battery. A selection of different single and double-sided ear-pieces are available for use with TTS, including the single-sided DT 1S. These sit on the outside of the ear, which also minimises the need to sterilise between users.