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beyerdynamic conference systems in Portugal

The beyerdynamic distributor Garrett S.A. has realised numerous projects in Portugal with beyerdynamic conference systems. Some of the renowned references are: 

Banco de Portugal, Oporto (2011)
The Bank of Portugal office in the city of Oporto, had in the last year a brand new beyerdynamic MCS 50 conference system for their conference room. In addition, the speakers have the help of the Opus 300 wireless system, with several handheld and clip-on microphones.

Auditório CTT, Lisbon (2011)
CTT is the centenary Portuguese Post Service, and one of the most notorious national brands. Garrett supplied a MCS 20 conference system for their new auditorium in Lisbon

Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Palmela (2010)
Autoeuropa is the European factory where some VW models are made, from the sporty Scirocco to the family friend Sharan. Last year Garrett supplied an SIS Interpreter System composed by SIS 1202 and SIS 121, complemented by a Tourguide System with CT 316, FE 316 and AD 808 components. The spokesman acrylic pulpit had a MPR 211 microphone with Revoluto technology to capture the voice with no visual interference.

Colégio Pedro Arrupe, Lisbon (2010)
A private school from toddlers to teenagers, and an ambitious project in size and quality. For this school, Garrett supplied a MCS 20 conference system, among other beyerdynamic products, such as wireless microphones and transmitters.

Campus da Justiça, Lisbon (2010)
The major facility complex from the Justice Ministry in Portugal, had the Garrett contribution for the conference system in some of the court rooms and meeting rooms. Several MCS 50 conference systems were installed in this law complex, with the correspondent base units. The MPR 211 was also a piece in this project.

Biblioteca Municipal Fernando Piteira Santos, Amadora (2009)
A public library in the city of Amadora, where Garrett developed and supplied an interesting Audiovisual project. For the conference’s room and for the auditorium, a MCW-Digital 50 conference system, with Revoluto units MCWD 533 and MCWD 531 have been supplied.

Source: Garrett S.A., Portugal
1-3: Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Palmela
4-6: Campus da Justiça, Lisbon
7-9: Biblioteca Municipal Fernando Piteira Santos, Amadora